Everyone is ready to send Jagan to Home: Lokesh

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Telugu Desam Party general secretary Nara Lokesh has expressed his gratitude and thanks to everyone who has supported TDP and made the Sankharavam programme a grand success.

Elated with the overwhelming response from the cadre and especially from the youth, Nara Lokesh has expressed his confidence that the state of AP is going to see good governance in the coming future. Lokesh has stated that the enormous gatherings are a reflection of how desperate and fed up the people of AP with the dictatorship of Jagan. Lokesh reiterated that the people of AP are ready to send Jagan back home in a couple of months.

Lokesh has ridiculed Jagan for not being able to give even drinking water to the people of Guntur. He mentioned that two young people have lost their lives and many have been hospitalized due to drinking polluted water. Lokesh lambasted the ruling party for being so careless when it comes to the lives of the general public.

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