Disha Patani got two fabulous songs in Kalki

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Pan Indian Star Prabhas’s upcoming international project Kalki 2898 AD is progressing at a brisk pace. Sources close to this movie’s team updated regarding the songs.

Touted to be a science fiction action thriller that deals with the present, past, and the future; the movie Kalki 2898 AD has got fewer songs since the lion part is catered for action episodes. Among the very few songs, two of the dance numbers went to the hot siren Disha Patani as she was romancing Prabhas. Even though Deepika Padukone is the female lead, she will be taking part in action episodes more than songs and glamor.

Directed by Nag Aswin, this movie’s music department is headed by Santosh Narayan. Aswini Dutt is producing this movie with a whopping budget of more than 500 crores.

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