Construction works at Rushikonda gained momentum for CM?

Monday, March 4, 2024

The Steel City of Visakhapatnam is undergoing a lot of changes since the AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy landed there last year and has been operating the state from his camp office. A fresh update from the local authorities explains the way developments are shaping at Rushikonda Hill.

Despite the YSRCP leaders claiming about the decentralization of power, CM declared that Vizag is not just an executive capital but a full-fledged one in the recent Global Investors Summit. To add more credibility, VMCA authorities have selected many suitable places for the CM to reside within the city but Jagan is only keen on the Rushikonda area. Already a case is in High Court regarding illegal mining of the area and spoiling the ambiance of Rushikonda with the YSRCP’s presence but CM is not in a mood to listen as the constructions are happening at a rapid pace. It seems Jagan has zeroed in the Rushikonda Hill as his residence and the works will be completed before July for CM to move in officially.

The Supreme Court of India is yet to hear the three capital petitions of the AP Government but it is not affecting the plans of YSRCP to shift the capital from Amaravati to Vizag. Already a lot has changed in the region of Rushikonda, which was once celebrated as one of the best tourism spots of Andhra Pradesh.

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