Concern Over Pawan Kalyan’s Security

Thursday, May 30, 2024

As the key police officials in the state are allegedly preoccupied with meeting the interests of the ruling party so that to manipulate poll results to maximum extent by harassing the opposition leaders, the law and order machinery in the estate seems to be collapsing. Security of key opposition leaders feared to be at stake.  

Jana Sena cadre is worried about the seucrity of their party chief Pawan Kalyan. Ever since the election dates were announced, he has been widely seen in the public eye. Wherever he goes large number of supporters and mostly film fans are trying to approach him and it becoming difficult for his personal security to regulate them.

Everywhere people are forwarding to see him ignoring barricades.  The police who are supposed to stop it and regulate it are nowhere to be seen. The few who are there are sitting away eating pallis as if it is none of their business. Mostly they are remaining as silent spectators.

Pawan, who visited Pithapuram on the 1st of this month, said in a meeting there, ‘I also want to take pictures with fans. But, some unsocial forces are coming together with them. They are stabbing me and my staff with needles. Cutting with blades. Security problems are arising. ‘

With the statement made by Pawan himself, the party leaders started to worry about the security of the leader. As several requests made to the police to provide security to Pawan have gone unheeded, private security personnel and party supporters are standing to protect him.

Meanwhile, the behavior of the police in the Tadepalligudem assembly caused fear to the party leaders. There are not even 10 policemen to hold the house with a population of thousands. With this, the people once broke the barricades and came to the main stage.

Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu with NSG security also participated in that meeting. Even when there was heavy security, the police remained mostly as spectators. The leaders of both the parties were under some pressure as the people came to the main stage at once.

Then along with Chandrababu’s security personnel, Pawan Kalyan’s private security personnel formed a circle around them. In every case, the experience of such security lapses has been faced by the Jana Sena. Police are not taking any advance measures for Pawan’s security at the main stage during his visits and public meetings.

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