CM Jagan Speech LIVE: AP Assembly Budget Session 2024

Monday, July 22, 2024

CM Jagan asserted that his honesty kept him in opposition for five years, emphasizing his commitment to not make unfulfillable promises. Speaking during the budget session’s second day, he stressed the importance of credibility in politics, highlighting his refusal to promise farmers loan waivers to avoid making false assurances. He criticized Chandrababu for his track record of unkept promises and accused him of lacking integrity, pointing to the YSRCP’s landslide victory in 2019 due to their adherence to commitments. Jagan boasted a 99% implementation rate of promises made by his party after coming to power, contrasting it with Chandrababu’s perceived failure to deliver on his pledges.

Jagan questioned Chandrababu’s credibility, stating his skepticism about Chandrababu’s manifesto promises and ridiculing his economic predictions. He emphasized the need to recognize the positive changes during YSRCP’s governance, citing public appreciation for their fulfillment of promises. Jagan highlighted the narrow margin between votes received by Chandrababu’s alliance and the YSRCP in the 2014 elections, underscoring the YSRCP’s growing support and effectiveness in governance.

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