CM Chandrababu’s Press Meet After Amaravati Visit

Monday, July 22, 2024

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu inspected the foundation stone site and various constructions in Amaravati today. He reviewed the Amaravati capital plaque, seed access road, housing complexes for All India Services officers, ministers, and judges, as well as sites for iconic structures and other developments in the capital region. Following the inspection, he held a press conference.

During his speech, chandrababu praised the farmers of Amaravati, acknowledging their 1,631-day agitation and their decision to end it with the hope of renewed development under the current government. He lauded their long struggle and stated that their fight would set an example for future generations. Naidu expressed his vision of making Amaravati a capital for five crore people and lamented its devastation. He also highlighted the importance of the Polavaram project, noting its potential to provide water to every acre of land in the state if completed.

He criticized the current YCP government, accusing it of corrupting the Polavaram project and the capital city of Amaravati. He recalled that the Centre had declared Polavaram a national project and promised financial assistance for Amaravati. Naidu emphasized that Amaravati and Polavaram are not personal properties but centers of wealth creation, benefiting society by generating government revenue and enabling welfare programs. He concluded by underscoring the historic victory in the recent elections, reflecting the people’s strong opposition to the previous regime.

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