“Chief Minister is harassing farmers; CBN knows farmers’ problems,” says Nara Lokesh

Monday, March 4, 2024

Telugu Desam Party general secretary Nara Lokesh continues his padayatra “Yuva Galam” in the Chittoor district. Today, the local farmers at Krishnapuram, Chittoor district met Nara Lokesh and on this occasion, Nara Lokesh criticized the government.

He said that Chief Minister is harassing farmers by installing meters to the pump sets. “As a result of this, the farming in the state is in deep crisis now,” Lokesh alleged. He questioned the government why the Handri-Neeva project is not being taken up.

Nara Lokesh assured the farmers that whenever the TDP government comes into power, all the issues of the farmers will be resolved. “My father, Nara Chandrababu Naidu comes from a farmers’ family. So he knows the in-and-out problems a farmer face in daily life. He always thinks about the farming community,” Lokesh said.

Nara Lokesh has made a few promises to the farmers in this regard addressing their problems.

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