Chandini Chowdary “Yevam”Trailer relased

Sunday, June 23, 2024

The psychological thriller “Yevam,” starring Chandini Chowdhary in the lead role, is set to release on June 14th. Directed by Prakash Dantuluri, the movie also features Vasista Simha, Bharat Raj, and Ashu Reddy in significant roles. The anticipation for the film has heightened with the recent launch of the theatrical trailer, offering audiences a glimpse into the intriguing and suspenseful world of “Yevam.”

he trailer for “Yevam” opens with Chandini Chowdhary portraying a determined police officer, challenging societal norms to pursue a career she is passionate about. Despite facing disapproval from her parents, she finds solace and encouragement from her senior officer, played by Bharat Raj. Their budding romance and professional partnership provide a glimmer of hope and happiness. However, this is abruptly disrupted when a menacing serial killer starts preying on women, throwing the city into a state of fear and turmoil. The trailer hints at an intense and gripping narrative as the characters navigate through the chaos and strive to restore peace.

The trailer for “Yevam” reveals Vasista Simha as the antagonist, embodying a character with sinister and lustful intentions. It also hints at deeper themes, such as the objectification of women and the celebration of their resilience and strength, challenging societal barriers. The film promises to deliver a thrilling experience while addressing significant issues faced by women in society.

“Yevam” is produced by Navadeep and Pavan Goparaju, with music directors Keertana Sesh and Neelesh Mandalapu contributing to the film’s atmospheric and gripping score.

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