Balakrishna intentionally ignored NTR and Kalyan Ram

Friday, September 29, 2023

The centenary celebrations of legendary Telugu actor NTR were held in Hyderabad in a prestigious manner by Nara and Nandamuri families. Many dignitaries from Tollywood and the political spectrum attended this grand event and offered tributes to the luminary.

While this notable event garnered widespread attention from all quarters, it has its share of controversies as expected. The absence of NTR’s grandsons Jr. NTR and Kalyan Ram turned out to be a talking point in industry circles and media. Though NTR officially released a press note that he is unable to attend the event due to family commitments, Kalyan Ram didn’t inform any reasons for his absence.

As per inside sources, it is reliably heard that Nandamuri Balakrishna didn’t personally invite NTR and Kalyan Ram to this event which is why both these actors skipped the event. The source further added that Balayya invited his close contacts in the industry but didn’t extend any communication to NTR and Kalyan Ram.

It is a known fact that Balakrishna is not on talking terms with NTR and Kalyan Ram due to some personal reasons. Though the Nandamuri family personally invited NTR and Kalyan Ram, Balakrishna seems to have intentionally ignored them which is why they gave this event a skip.

Whatever may be the reasons, it is once again very strong and clear that Jr. NTR has been maintaining distance from the Nara – Nandamuri families as Balakrishna continues to ignore him.

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