Avinash Reddy’s bail petition was postponed to June

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The anticipatory bail petition of Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy against CBI’s possible arrest came to a hearing today and the Chief Justice postponed the hearing to June. After hearing both sides, the Jury felt that the arguments weren’t enough to conclude the case today.

The most hyped bail case of Avinash Reddy underwent a couple of twists and turns since the Judge is unable to give a verdict on Friday. The CBI has provided all the information it can in the hearing but the advocate of Avinash Reddy declared that CBI is trying to falsely accuse his client Avinash Reddy in YS Viveka’s murder case and in this regard, he requested the Jury to grant him anticipatory bail. However, Chief Justice Ujjal Bhuyan stated that he still didn’t have enough evidence against CBI that it would arrest Avinash Reddy and postponed the hearing to the 5th of June since there are Summer holidays approaching. Avinash’s advocate requested the Chief Justice to have this petition heard in the Special Summer Vacation Court to get the anticipatory bail at any cost since the CBI is looking forward to arresting his client for which the Judge directed him to apply for it as he cannot do anything on the judgment given by the Supreme Court regarding the arrest in case if it’s done. 

With this, it is pretty much clear that Avinash Reddy cannot get bail until the 5th of June unless the special summer vacation court takes up the case, which is less likely to happen. Since there is a long time for the final hearing, CBI may arrest Avinash Reddy in the upcoming days

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