Avinash Reddy writes to CBI telling he can’t attend on such short notice

Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy has been summoned by CBI for one more time regarding the investigation of the brutal murder of Y S Vivekananda Reddy.

He skipped the meeting today by sending a letter to the officials stating that he need four days time to appear before them and also mentioned that the summons was issued too late and he can’t attend on such short notice. He further added he has prior engagements which were scheduled long back and in such a scenario he can’t come all way to Hyderabad. Avinash has requested the CBI to give him a few days’ time regarding the investigation. 

The Telangana High Court has already directed him to follow and cooperate with the investigation before. The CBI is yet to respond over this and there are a wide range of speculations spreading around that Avinash Reddy might be arrested any time soon by the CBI. 

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