Allu Sirish’s “Buddy” Trailer Released

Saturday, July 20, 2024

The trailer for Allu Sirish’s “Buddy” has been unveiled, offering a heartwarming adventure helmed by Tamil director Sam Anton. Building on the positive feedback from the first look and single, the trailer presents a charming mix of humor, action, and emotional depth. Audiences can look forward to a compelling journey, filled with captivating performances and a heartfelt narrative.

The trailer unveils a distinctive plot: a teddy bear in distress seeks aid from Aditya Ram, played by Allu Sirish. We witness the unlikely partnership as they collaborate to tackle the issue, with Sirish portraying a pilot in the movie. Skillfully edited with captivating visuals, the trailer sets up an intriguing storyline filled with excitement and promise.

Allu Sirish leads a talented ensemble in “Buddy,” with a stellar ensemble including Gayatri Bhardwaj as the female lead, alongside Prisha Singh, Ajmal Amir, Mukesh Rishi, Mohammed Ali, and others in key roles. The film boasts a captivating soundtrack by Hip Hop Tamizha.

Backed by Studio Green, renowned for its high-caliber productions, ‘Buddy’ promises a rejuvenating and entertaining cinematic experience. The trailer has stirred excitement among fans eagerly anticipating the film’s release.”

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