Akhanda 2 Surges with Exciting Progress: Latest Developments Spark Anticipation

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Exciting developments are underway for “Akhanda 2,” stirring up eager anticipation among Balakrishna’s fans. The latest buzz revolves around the scriptwork progress of this much-anticipated movie, fueling discussions about the upcoming shooting schedule.

The initial draft of the script for “Akhanda 2” has been finalized, and director Boyapati Srinu, along with his writing team, is now fine-tuning it for further enhancements. Notably, lyricist Kalyan Chakravarty is also lending his expertise to the script team. With preparations in full swing, Boyapati Srinu aims to kickstart regular shooting for the sequel within the next two months.

The team behind “Akhanda 2” has scouted awe-inspiring locations in Araku and Kochi, adding to the movie’s visual grandeur. Reflecting the storyline, the film will explore Saivism extensively, emphasizing the significance of Hindu temples and the cultural richness inherent in South India.

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