Ajay Bhupati fumed on reviewers at Mangalavaram success meet

Monday, June 24, 2024

Ajay Bhupati who has made his debut with RX100 has made his presence felt with just two films in his career.

His latest release Mangalavaram which was released yesterday garnered a positive talk on the first day and got impressive feedback from the majority of the audience. Touted to be a thriller set in the village backdrop, this film features the RX100 heroine Payal Rajput in the lead role. She has delivered an impeccable performance and proved her ability one more time. The team of Mangalavaram has celebrated the success meet of the film in which the director Ajay Bhupati fired some of the reviewers.

Stating that reviewing the film is not wrong but having ethics is all that makes the difference opined Ajay Bhupati. He went on to say the majority of the reviewers haven’t revealed the major twists in the film but there is one reviewer who has revealed everything in detail. Ajay Bhupati lambasted that particular reviewer saying that one should be reviewing the film ethically. He also mentioned that many reviewers have given an in-depth review but haven’t leaked out any twists, but there are a few who played a spoilsport by revealing everything.

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