After Kavitha, A YSRCP MP skipped the ED questioning

After Kavitha, A YSRCP MP skipped the ED questioning

The ongoing investigation by the Enforcement Department regarding the liquor scam in Delhi is going at a rapid pace. However, every now and then, some leaders who are already in State governments are giving setbacks to the ED by absconding the questioning. After Kavitha, the YSRCP MP Mangunta Srinivasulu Reddy followed her path.

The Ongole MP Srinivasulu Reddy has been sent the notices by the ED directing him to attend the questioning but the MP chose to skip it citing that one of his closest family members was ill. However, one has to wait and see how ED responds to this MP’s request but many say that it won’t tolerate any reason as it didn’t accept Kavitha’s reasoning when she sent her advocate. It is indeed strange that Srinivasulu got the summons because his son already got arrested in the same case. Now the father is asked to attend the questioning and raises eyebrows. Everyone is now waiting for ED’s response on Mangunta’s absence who took a queue from Kavitha.

Kavita along with her BRS colleagues and a couple of leaders from the YSRCP were linked directly and indirectly to this case according to the ED’s affidavit to its Court in New Delhi. The case already witnessed the arrests of the Deputy CM of Delhi, Sisodia, and a few biggies. Now political experts also opine that the two Telugu states might witness a couple of arrests from the two ruling parties.

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