YS Sunita alleges AP Govt for saving Avinash Reddy

YS Sunita alleges AP Govt for saving Avinash Reddy

YS Sunita, the daughter of the demised leader of Congress, YS Vivekananda Reddy has been relentlessly fighting for her father’s justice. In this regard, she has made a fresh set of allegations on the AP CM and the MP Avinash Reddy.

It is a known fact that the YSRCP MP of Kadapa, Avinash Reddy was grilled by the CBI Officials four times by now as they got enough evidence to prove the former’s involvement in the murder case. Things turned uglier when Avinash filed a case against the CBI officials stating that the officers were not fair during the questioning. Reacting to this entire episode, the victim’s kin, Sunita in her recent interview to a leading media declared that Avinash Reddy was the first person who knew about the murder case so she firmly believes his involvement in this brutal act. Not stopping there, YS Sunita accused the AP CM Jagan that the latter was saving his cousin brother Avinash Reddy using his government and asked the court to do justice.

Meanwhile the High Court of India is thoroughly checking the questioning footage of CBI responding to the petition filed by Avinash Reddy.  If it was not for Sunita’s hard work, this case wouldn’t have transferred to the CBI out of AP Govt’s jurisdiction and since then, the case has been experiencing constant progress.

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