Telangana Govt approached SC on Governor over pending bills

Telangana Govt approached SC on Governor over pending bills

The Government of Telangana and Governor Tamilasai Sounderyarajan are engaged in the cold war for ages and this war is making the CM KCR knock on the doors of Courts. The T-Govt has approached the Supreme Court of India over pending bills in the hands of the Governor.

The Chief advocate Dushyant Dave representing the Telangana Government the other day submitted a written plea to the Supreme Court of India requesting it to direct the state’s Governor to clear as many as 10 bills kept without removal in the Raj Bhavan. The advocate mentioned that 7 from the past September and 3 freshly added this year were still kept without clearing thereby misusing the power without signing the bills as soon as possible. The lawyer added the Secretary of the Governor and the Union Law Ministry as its respondents to its plea. The Jury bench led by Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud accepted this urgent listing of T-Govt on Tuesday and gave the date of 20th March for the hearing. 

This is the second time KCR has sought out the help of Courts regarding the Governor as in the last month, He moved the High Court of Hyderabad and made the Justice direct the Governor regarding clearing of Budget bill for the fiscal year 2023-24. 

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