Survey: YSRCP’s decline and TDP’s incline in crucial regions

<strong>Survey: YSRCP’s decline and TDP’s incline in crucial regions</strong>

The growing anti-incumbency and the weird ruling policies of the YSRCP-led AP Government are slowly losing their vote bank in many constituencies across the state. Especially in the Sureshot-winning regions of ST reserved areas, Surveys show a phenomenal decrease in confidence in the ruling party YSRCP.

The latest survey from the People’s Pulse conducted by a leading agency showcases incredible statistics regarding the real opinion of commoners. Until now, the opposition party TDP never got an upper hand in the seven ST reserved constituencies like Palakonda, Polavaram, Araku, etc…, as the entire community voted for Congress earlier and later for YSRCP banking on YSR’s son Jagan. Now the fresh stats from the survey declare the vote bank of TDP has grown 11% from 29.27% to 39.43% whereas the vote bank of YSRCP which always maintained at least 50% have reduced to 44.35%. Janasena also managed to gain the faith of this community as it got a solid 8.2% individually hinting at a bad time for the YSRCP.

Top-notch political analysts state that with the right campaigning, TDP would further increase its vote bank and also the alliance with Janasene would completely take the winning chances to 95% against YSRCP. Until now, YSRCP had an added advantage of SC/ ST community votes but they are now not in the mood to trust the AP government as it failed to implement all its promises to uplift these communities after gaining power.

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