Rahul Gandhi’s response over India-Bharat name change row

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Congress Senior leader Rahul Gandhi has today reacted over the India-Bharat name change controversy. Rahul Gandhi is currently in the Europe tour and at an event in France he reacted to the controversy. He stated that both names work fine for him. “The constitution uses both names, right?” he questioned. He stated that the constitution starts with India, that is, Bharat, shall be a union of states. So there is no problem with that. Both are perfectly acceptable, Rahul Gandhi Said.

However, Mr. Gandhi took a jab that the government might be pissed off after the alliance was named after INDIA. “Maybe we irritated the government a bit by naming the coalition INDIA. That might be the reason that they have decided to change the name of the country,” he said satirically.

He continued, “We could give our coalition a second name as well. I don’t think it will serve the purpose. But people act in strange ways.”

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