Prabhas : It’s not fair on your part

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Prabhas is a pan-India actor. He commands huge popularity across the country. He always stays away from controversies and never tries to poke into any unnecessary matters. Quite often, his down-to-earth nature gets appreciated by his fellow artists. Also, his hospitality and magnanimous attitude fetched him many accolades all these years. But, his silence about the release date of Salaar seems to be receiving criticism within the industry.

It is a known fact that Salaar was initially supposed to hit the screens on September 28th. Quite unexpectedly, the film was pushed ahead to December due to some unforeseen circumstances. As Salaar is carrying mammoth expectations, no other film dared to release anywhere near it. After it was postponed, only a few films managed to occupy the vacant slot. But, trade circles are very disappointed for wasting an ideal date.

Now, the makers of Salaar locked December 22nd. The sudden announcement came as a big shocker to many other films that are slated for release during the Christmas season. They are now in a huge dilemma to choose new release dates because the Sankranti season is already jam-packed with numerous other releases.

Amidst all this release date fiasco, Prabhas remained nonchalant without tendering an apology for putting other films at peril. Stars usually apologize whenever such unforeseen incidents happen concerning release dates and other aspects.

But, Prabhas decided to stay silent. It is obligatory for an actor like Prabhas to at least open up on the issue and say sorry to trade circles and other actors who already locked their release plans.

Industry circles felt that Prabhas should have at least released a press note saying sorry to buyers and other actors for all this mess. It is not fair on his part to stay silent, comment a few in Tollywood.

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