Pic Talk: Chiranjeevi and Charan with Amit Shah

Pic Talk: Chiranjeevi and Charan with Amit Shah

In what may be called one of the best picture-perfect snaps of these days, the frame where the Megastar Chiranjeevi, Megapowerstar Ram Charan Tej, and the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has been trending everywhere on top and is delighting all the mega fans and movie lovers.

Ram Charan landed in the New Delhi post ‘Oscars’ the other day and participated in India Today’s Conclave. Post his interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, Charan met Home Minister Amit Shah as per the latter’s invitation. Meanwhile the mighty megastar Chiranjeevi went to the capital to receive his son being a proud father for all the global recognition of Charan with RRR. Incidentally, he also met up with Amit Shah alongside Charan while Shah felicitated the new Global Star of India, Charan, and even tweeted the picture. Amit Shah claimed that he was happy to meet two icons of Indian Cinema-Chiru and Charan.

Both Megastar and Charan felicitated Amit Shah as well and thanked him via Twitter. They both declared that it was indeed an honor to be honored by the Home Minister and Central Government. Hardcore mega fans are hailing Charan for carrying the legacy of Chiranjeevi multiple folds with his hard work, sincerity, and dedication. On the work front, Charan will again get busy by joining the regular shoot of #RC15 on Monday 

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