NIA summons AP CM Jagan for the second time

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The National Investigation Agency of India took over the infamous Kodi Kathi case of AP CM YS Jagan and summoned the YSRCP Chief to appear before them this time at any cost.

The Court of NIA responded to the letter sent by the AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy in a response to its notices served for the latter to attend the questioning on or before the 14th of this Month. Jagan stated that he was occupied with the state’s Assembly sessions and as a result, he couldn’t make it. NIA in its fresh notices asked Jagan to attend the questioning without fail on the 10th of April and reiterated that he should attend at any cost. With this, it is very much clear that Jagan got no chance to escape this appearance before them this time like before. 

The case is related to the attack on the YSRCP Chief Jagan when he was attacked with a Kodi Kathi by an office worker named Srinivas in Vizag International Airport. Jagan was in opposition and blamed the then CM CBN for this attack. Now that he became the CM, he left the inquiry to the central agency rather than deepening the probe. What’s astounding was that the attacker Srinivas claimed he was an ardent supporter of YSRCP and thought the attack would fetch some sympathy among the voters and vote for Jagan.

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