Minister Kakani defends YSRCP, Asks Sridhar to exit the party

<strong>Minister Kakani defends YSRCP, Asks Sridhar to exit the party</strong>

The YSRCP Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy made headlines by declaring that his party had not been involved in the sensational case of Sridhar Reddy’s phone tapping. Defending his own camp, Kakani took a dig at the Nellore Rural MLA for his dissent.

The Agriculture Minister spoke to the press the other day and stated that the MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy was trapped by the TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu and in contrary to the latter’s allegations, no phone has been tapped by the YSRCP in any way. He asked Kotamreddy to cleanly exit the party if he has issues with Boss Jagan without making a scene as it damages nothing to the YSRCP. According to Kakani, YSRCP has many more leaders who can win as an MLA from Nellore rural and told the foresight that leaving YSRCP and joining TDP is a suicidal move for Sridhar Reddy.

Kakani made sensational revelations that YSRCP will soon launch a probe into the sand mining and liquor scams in the region of Nellore and shall catch the culprits, indirectly taking a dig on the region of Kotamreddy. He dared the latter to prove his allegations and asked the reason for not approaching the center if he had proof of phone tapping. YSRCP and its leaders are dragging the points beyond their limits these days by targeting anyone who speaks against them. This has now become their own enemy as the commoners are vexed with the press meets only to ridicule the opposition rather than speaking about the state’s development.

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