KCR’s damage control as Kavitha’s ED issue backfired miserably

KCR’s damage control as Kavitha’s ED issue backfired miserably

The Chief of BRS, KCR and his daughter tried to utilize the happening Delhi Liquor Scam allegations to their plus in order to gain sympathy. Since the plan didn’t fetch the expected results, the CM of Telangana is now retorting to the Plan-B.

It is a known fact that Kavitha has been alleged of committing a financial crime by misusing the Liquor Bill alongside AAP leaders and she was already questioned twice in this regard. As the BRS MLC has to appear yet again on 16th of March for the questioning, speculations rife that she might get taken into custody by the Enforcement Department this time. To counter this, Kavitha and a few TRS leaders tried to gain sympathy by protesting against it. Kavitha even used the Telangana card but the latest surveys by Pragathi Bhavan revealed that instead of sympathy, voters are actually going against her. This made the KCR change his strategy and immediately asked his daughter Kavitha to stop all kinds of protests.

BRS national head then directed his leaders to concentrate on making the commoners understand how the state government is aiding them in various ways. He also asked the MLAs to interact with people and explain them about the infamous Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bharosa, Kalyana Lakshmi, Dalita Bandhu, Gruhalakshmi and other schemes to turn the anti-incumbency into supporting votes. 

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