KCR and Kavitha meeting after ED Probe gained prominence

KCR and Kavitha meeting after ED Probe gained prominence

The BRS MLC Kavitha has finished her questioning by the ED as per the notices served and immediately she met her father KCR at Pragathi Bhavan. Sources close to the BRS camp revealed what this meeting was all about.

Already Kavita has been facing in-direct charges from the ED as she allegedly benefited from the Delhi Liquor Scam and now her questioning by the ED gained a lot of attention. At this juncture where it was heavily speculated that she might be taken into custody even by the ED, Kavita met her father and BRS Chief KCR where other biggies like Harish Rao, KTR, Vinod and a few key leaders were present. They seemed to be discussing the future course of action as to how she should answer in the further questioning. KCR has directed a plan to implement and made sure Kavita to stick to it on and off the political arena. 

KCR is all set to send his leaders to consult some leading lawyers to defend Kavitha in the ED case and later discuss their strategy to tackle the BJP in both state and the center. Information from reliable sources reveal that the BRS high command is off the opinion that their recent protests have triggered the Central Government to take immediate action against them. It won’t be a surprise if KCR and Kavitha tone down their verbal abuses on Modi and BJP for a while until she comes out of this case clean.

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