Kamal Haasan bids farewell to his master Viswanath Garu

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Kalathapasvi K Viswanath Garu breathed his last the other night and left the entire Telugu Cinema world in vain. Within no time, all the bigwigs across the Indian Film Industry started expressing their grief including one of his favorite heroes, Kamal Haasan. The Universal star’s response however touched the hearts of many.

Kamal Haasan got introduced by Balachander into the cinematic world but it was Viswanath garu who pulled the whole talent out of him with many legendary films like ‘Sagara Sangamam’, ‘Swati Mutyam’, ‘Subha Sankalpam’ and many more. Their combination only worked wonders and ended up as milestone films not only in their careers but also in Telugu Cinema’s history books. Kamal considers Viswanath as his guru and a fatherly figure and doesn’t shy away from praising him to the Sky. Being a director himself, Haasan declared Viswanath a legend and one of the finest craftsmen of the Indian Film Industry and shares a personal bond as well. 

Knowing the demise of such a legend, Kamal took to Twitter and saluted his Master with a handwritten letter that reads as ‘Kalathapasvi K Viswanath Garu fully understood the transience of life and immortality of art. Hence his art will be celebrated beyond his lifetime and reign. Long live his art. An ardent fan-Kamal Haasan’. Their camaraderie is well-spoken and known to this world and also acted together for the last time in ‘Uttama Villain’. May his soul rest in peace. 

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