Jagan Sarkar’s revenge time on APGEA

Jagan Sarkar’s revenge time on APGEA

The ruling party of Andhra Pradesh YSRCP that governs the state is pretty much acting like a dictatorship by troubling whoever if they go against its will. The Jagan-led AP Govt shocked the APGEA by serving notices and asking them to respond.

The Andhra Pradesh Government Employees Association(APGEA) Chief Suryanarayana and the key members had recently met the AP Governor Biswabhushan to seek justice for them. According to them, the AP Govt withdrew 500 crores of rupees from the GPF account that belongs to the employees and it is yet to clear the financial benefits worth 12000 crores of rupees for the employees from the last year. Rattled AP Govt served notices to the APGEA claiming that the association violated the Recognition of Service Association rules by breaching them and meeting the Governor prior to approaching the state government or concerning heads within the cabinet. Not stopping there, the AP Govt gave one week’s time to provide a detailed explanation for its notices or else it would cancel the APGEA’s recognition in the state. 

APGEA Chief Suryanarayana quashed the notices and claims of the ruling party’s government by declaring that he and his colleagues tried to meet Chief Minister Jagan and other ministers but they never got any response from the CM despite multiple requests. After being vexed with the ministry, Chief Suryanarayana stated that they all approached the Governor seeking dire help. On this note, the APGEA had declared that he would plan the future course of action regarding the notices only after discussing them with his association members. 

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