It’s official: Kantara’s prequel is confirmed by the makers

<strong>It’s official: Kantara’s prequel is confirmed by the makers</strong>

The sensational hit of the village traditional drama ‘Kantara’ is still reverberating in the minds of movie lovers since its release last year. As the movie completed its amazing theatrical run of more than 100 days in many centers, the makers confirmed its prequel.

The director cum hero Rishabh Shetty the other day took the blessings of a local deity Panjurli with Kola tradition and interacted with the media present at the temple. Rishabh Shetty expressed his happiness over the magnanimous success of ‘Kantara’, a rural drama told in its rustic way interlacing the element of Godliness. In this regard, he stated that now he is working on the script of its prequel, the core story of the deity Panjurli, and its origins in the region of Karnataka with much-needed thrill and emotions. According to Shetty, his team is trying to finish the pre-production work by May and start the regular shoot in June of this year. 

This is indeed a wonderful piece of update for all movie lovers across India as the movie ‘Kantara’ got its own cult among movie lovers. The movie made 400 crores of gross all over the world and ended up as the most viewed movie in theaters in Karnataka crossing the blockbuster KGF-2. Rishabh Shetty won accolades for his all-around work from script to acting and awards while the production house ‘Hombale Films’ got mind-boggling profits from all the regions of its release. 

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