It’s a war between the millionaire and the poor: Nara Lokesh

Saturday, September 30, 2023

The TDP general secretary and the former minister of IT, Nara Lokesh have lashed out at the government and termed the next general elections as going to be a war between the millionaire Y S Jagan and the poor(rest of the people).

Lokesh Padayatra Yuvagalam has reached the Sri Sailam assembly segment and he addressed a public meeting at Atmakur. Lokesh stated that it’s always the Telugu Desam Party that has worked for the welfare of the poor and backward sections of the state. He also mentioned that several welfare schemes have been brought by the TDP government whereas the YSRCP government is so confined to corruption. He lambasted Jagan by saying that he is a millionaire and the richest chief minister who has crores of worth properties, and massive buildings in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Tadepalli, and yet he projects himself as poor.

Lokesh has given the assurance that the TDP will develop temple tourism when it comes back to power. He has also expressed his confidence that TDP will be back with a thumping majority. 

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