Is the fort of YSRCP crumbling with each passing day?

Is the fort of YSRCP crumbling with each passing day?

The ongoing MLC elections and their earlier results have pointed out the growing anti-incumbency of the ruling party YSRCP. Experts almost declare that this is just the start of YSRCP’s downfall with evident examples.

YSRCP gained power in 2019 with Navaratna promises and other things like a Liquor ban, Job Calendar, etc. Right to date, the ruling party has not only showcased any real development within the state, but it has bagged a lot of negativity among the Public. From troubling the opposition leaders to the general public, the YSRCP failed to release Job Calendar as well. The Ministers made sure to demoralize the party’s goodwill with their cuss-filled press meets and created an aversion for the general public. Still, YSRCP claims to win all 175 seats in the upcoming elections.

With the general elections approaching one year from now, in the MLC elections where commoners voted, two of three places were conquered by the Opposition and the third place is still undetermined as of now declaring the downfall of YSRCP. Now that the morale of TDP is boosted, chances are it would swing back in polls like anything. Political observers however predict that TDP’s win would be obvious if it gets back from the other opposition party Janasena in the 2024 polls.

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