Exclusive: Why Chaitu rejected Parasuram’s script?

Exclusive: Why Chaitu rejected Parasuram’s script?

Geetha Govindham director Parasuram Petla was supposed to team up with Akkineni Naga Chaitanya long back. After it was officially announced, Parasuram kept the project aside as Mahesh Babu agreed to work with him for Sarkaruvaari Paata. There were rumours at that time that Chaitu was deeply hurt by Parasuram’s decision to desert his project and move on to Mahesh Babu’s film. 

As Sarkaruvaari Paata tasted lukewarm success at the box office, Parasuram has no other option but to get back to Chaitu and convince him. As expected, he once again went to Chaitu and narrated the script. Chaitu made him wait for more than 6 months. He asked Parasuram to make changes to the script and suggested some modifications. Parasuram is very confident that his story is very compact and watertight. He didn’t change the story much even after repeated discussions with Chaitu. 

It is heard that Chaitu didn’t like Parasuram’s attitude. He expressed displeasure with the director for not paying heed to his suggestions. So, he silently declined the script and said Parasuram to look for other options. Now, Parasuram is planning to reunite with Vijay Devarakonda for the second time after Geetha Govindham. 

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