Does Sharmila’s act draw the attention of KCR?

Monday, December 4, 2023

The YSR Telangana Party chief Sharmila has lashed out at the Telangana chief minister KCR over the losses suffered by the farmers in several districts of Telangana.

To grab the attention of the ruling party, the YSRTP chief Sharmila has sent a truck of damaged crops to KCR such that he will come to know the loss and pain suffered by the farmers due to untimely rains in the state. Sharmila opined that at least by seeing this, KCR will wake up from his sleep and think about the farmers. Sharmila lambasted the TRS party saying that not even a single MLA has addressed the issues faced by the farmers during the tough time but instead, they are clicking photographs in the newly build secretariat which is worth hundreds of crores.

Sharmila also pointed out that there is no crop insurance for the loss of farmers from the past nine years and demanded the government at least extend the compensation for their well-being, Sharmila also demanded to pay at least 30000 per acre as compensation to the farmers as the paddy procurement will begin shortly. Sharmila made sharp comments even on Raithu Bharosa and the input subsidies and slammed KCR and his government for the recklessness shown in the context of farmers. Have to wait and see how the ruling party responds to the sharp comments made by Sharmila.

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