CAG and RBI advise banks not to lend money to AP

CAG and RBI advise banks not to lend money to AP

The financial situation of Andhra Pradesh is going South and the entire political experts reiterate the same. Now, none other than the most renowned organizations, CAG and RBI joined this list and they have been warning the banks who are looking forward to lending money to AP.

It is a known fact that the YSRCP ruled AP is already in 8+ lakhs of crores by the end of the 2022-23 fiscal year and it is looking forward to getting more funds. Being in the bad looks of RBI for two consecutive years, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India issued a fresh report on the financial condition of the state. CAG advised the banks to think twice before lending money to AP as the loans taken by AP by 2021 itself crossed 35% of the GSDP. It also opined that the undisclosed loans can increase this number to 41% so it has to pay at least 1.5 lakhs of crores within seven years from now.

CAG reports suggested that the amount taken from the loans should be spent on development and infrastructure but more than 80% of the loans were spent on the revenue expenses of this state which will lead to a total blackout of its financial condition. This is not the first time AP’s Financial Department is facing such allegations, earlier the RBI directly warned banks who are lending money to AP.  Political experts point out at the AP’s working style of taking fresh loans to repay old loans would cost the state a huge downfall like Srilanka and Pakistan

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