Both Central and Telangana Governments to felicitate the RRR team

Both Central and Telangana Governments to felicitate the RRR team

The Global success of the movie RRR followed by the Oscar-winning achievement for the song ‘Natu Natu’ made the entire country proud alongside the two Telugu states. For this rare achievement, the Union Central Government and Telangana Governments are planning to felicitate the core cast and crew of RRR.

Even though RRR was not the first movie representing India at the Oscars, the fact that movie, cast, crew, and the entire movie are made by Indians and made in India. This has given a feeling that RRR is indeed the pure desi film to be nominated and actually won the Oscars for the first time in Indian Cinema’s history. Marking this feat, the Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh urged the Speaker to honor the RRR team for keeping India on an International level as far as Movie Industry is concerned. Also, RRR’s writer Vijayendra Prasad known to be a supporter of the BJP was actually made an MP directly by the recommendation of PM Modi himself. Even before this, the Telangana Government openly announced that it would honor the RRR team since most of the cast and crew actually hail from the city of Hyderabad, Telangana and the song Natu Natu mostly represents the Telangana culture.

At this juncture, some enthusiastic movie lovers of AP are also advising the YSRCP Government to felicitate the team of RRR as well. One has to wait and see how many of these honoring plans turn into a reality in the upcoming days 

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