Jagan dares to compare himself with MGR & NTR

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is proving to be living in daydreams as his claims each passing day only bewilder common voters of the state. His recent declarations explain everything regarding this CM’s hallucinations.

CM Jagan toured the constituency of Narsannapeta in the Srikakulam district the other day and held a huge public meeting. Apart from lambasting his rival parties TDP and Janasena, the YSRCP Chief compared himself with legends MGR and NTR and shocked all. He stated that only MGR and NTR were the only politicians who formed the party on their own and won as Chief Ministers in the past and now it’s him who got added to that list.  Jagan went on to explain that Chandrababu Naidu got the power by betraying his own father-in-law and also others like Ramoji Rao, Pawan Kalyan, and other media channels supported him from time to time. But unlike him, he floated a new party YSRCP and fought for power. 

Now the political observers are only laughing at Jagan’s ideology as they clearly point out the fact that he is the son of the late YS Rajasekhar Reddy and without the latter, Jagan was no one in Andhra Pradesh’s Politics. Also, they opine that Jagan is shooting way above his station by comparing himself with stalwarts like MGR and NTR as such things only reveal the irony in the young CM’s personality. Whatever is said and done, Jagan has now become a laughing stock with the recent speeches written by a new scriptwriter of the blue camp.

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