IT raids on Telangana minister

The central investigation agency of the Income Tax department shocked the TRS Minister Malla Reddy by conducting sudden raids on his properties. The IT lead by the center chose Mallareddy’s family members in this regard to conduct searches.

Be it intentionally or doing their own duty, the central agencies of IT, and ED are busy these days in the state of Telangana as they conduct surprise raids at the least expected time on TRS leaders who are also supposed to be businessmen of some sort. Earlier the ED shook Minister Gangula Kamalakar when he was out of town and this time the IT raided Malla Reddy. Yesterday, the department officials divided themselves into 50 teams and attacked all the offices of the Minister. Starting from Reddy’s son Mahender Reddy’s villa in Palm Meadows, Kompally, the officials of IT didn’t leave his own Son-in-law including the Malla Reddy Educational Institutions leaving the minister in utmost discomfort. The officers searched everything everywhere and gathered some documents which they found to be scrutinized.

According to these agencies, they have enlisted all the top leaders, businessmen, and celebrities in Telangana who were accused of escaping taxes and earning money by other means without accounting. On the flip side, the supporters of TRS directly point out their arch-rival BJP and its central leaders for exclusively choosing TRS leaders in their searches and term the entire operation as vendetta politics to damage the pink camp before the general elections. 

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