CBN suffering from memory loss – Kakani

The YSRCP leaders are always busy targeting their rival parties TDP and Janasena. It is Andhra Pradesh’s Agricultural Minister Kakani Govardhan’s turn to go down on the Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu.

Kakani in a press meet in Nellore town on Sunday took time to sling mud on CBN by declaring that the latter has been suffering from a memory loss ailment. He stated that the ex-CM of AP forgets what he says in the morning by night itself and it is high time that the TDP National head should completely retire from active Politics. The MLA of Sarvepalli dared to give brickbats on CBN by claiming that the latter started blackmail politics in AP as he knows TDP will be completely wiped out from the state in the 2024 elections. Kakani also questioned Babu on his dual stand on making Kurnool one of the capitals and declared that TDP is always against the decentralization and development of AP and its underprivileged regions such as Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra. 

According to the Agricultural Minister, the entire Amaravati farmer’s Padha Yatra was funded and organized by TDP goons and there were no real farmers in the protesting group. Govardhan Reddy opines that the entire fame of CBN was confined to the TDP supporting Media outlets as in reality, people rejected him completely as the latest surveys favor the ruling party YSRCP to gain power yet again in 2024. One has to wait and see how the TDP camp responds to Kakani’s sharp comments on their Chief. 

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