BJP bigwigs condemn TRS’s attack on its MP

The Nizamabad MP Aravind’s house was attacked by the noted TRS men on Friday in the city and the entire brigade of BJP in Telangana came in support of the leader. After checking with the MP, the top leaders and Ministers lashed out at the pink party.

Union Minister of Tourism and Culture, Kishan Reddy strongly condemned this attack and stated that the TRS Chief KCR had lost his temper following the latest surveys that support the win of BJP in the upcoming elections. Terming the attack as anti-democratic, the central Minister advised the entire TRS camp not to check the surveys until next October or else they will lose sleep.

BJP’s state head Bandi Sanjay who immediately met with Aravind claimed that KCR became so insecure of BJP and thus conducted such goonda acts with his subordinates. The fact that such an attack happened inside the heart of the city is a clear induction for Telangana heading towards disaster. Sanjay challenged the Pink party to have the guts to face BJP in elections rather than involving in such cheap attacks.

Last but not the least, the state secretary and in charge, Tarun concluded the attack as a shameful act of TRS to date. He opined that such acts only state the downfall of two terms aged TRS in Telangana. One has to wait and see how KCR responds to these sharp comments.

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