Minister KTR’s Twitter rampage against BJP continues

Telangana Minister KTR once again slammed the BJP government on Twitter. He tweeted as- “Because of the NPA Central Government, fuel costs have skyrocketed. Name-calling states for not lowering VAT despite the fact that we never raised it; is this the cooperative federalism you’re referring to, @narendramodi ji? Telangana hasn’t raised the VAT on fuel since 2014, and it’s only been rounded off once “..

In another tweet, KTR stated as- “Because of the Cess imposed by your government, we do not receive 41 percent of our legitimate share. You are stealing 11.4 percent of the state’s revenue in the form of Cess, while we are receiving only 29.6 percent in FY23. Please eliminate Cess so that we can provide petrol at 70 cents per liter and diesel at 60 cents per liter across India. One Nation – One Price? “..

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